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Episode Related Prosfic

Over at the_safehouse and at least one of the Lists, L.R.H. Balzar mentioned that she's compiling a list of episode-related Prosfic. Since firlefanzine mentioned this some time ago, and I started making a list, and because it doesn't fit as a reply to the post at the_safehouse and because I'd foolishly saved what I've done so far as html code for lj (so that it would be weird and probably unhelpful as an email), I thought I'd post it here and link this to the the_safehouse post... Not that I've got very far, which is why it's brill that someone else is having a go! *g*

ETA - I'm updating this list when people mention stories... and thank you to everyone who does!

ETA 2 - 29/07/2008 - Thank you Carovelaine for contributing many stories for the list, which is still growing... *g*

ETA 3 - 25/08/08 - No idea what's going on with LRH Balzar's list as mentioned above, which doesn't seem to have been updated, but this seems to be going well, so I shall keep adding fic as I find out about them! *g*

Updated 24/01/2011 - ** indicates added in latest update

Old Dog with New Tricks
Old Dogs and Merry Men by S

Long Shot
Coda to Long Shot by PFL

Where the Jungle Ends
A Taste of Blood by Elanor Smith
Quicksand by O. Yardley
Looking Forward by S
A First Effort by Tauna
In the Middle of All This Greek Stuff by Tauna

Killer with a Long Arm
Long Odds by S
In the Middle of All This Greek Stuff by Tauna

Face Value by Pamela Rose
History Repeated by Stew

Private Madness, Public Danger
Night of the Cat - ProsLib CD - search for title under Index to Numbered Folders
**Private Danger by Gill Hale
Addicted by S

The Female Factor
All Places Alike by Asymphototropic

Everest was Also Conquered
Discoveries: Delusions - ProsLib CD - search for title under Index to Numbered Folders

Close Quarters
A Little Faith and Orange Juice by Callisto
Holiday by S

Look After Annie
Coda to Look After Annie by PFL
Everything's Annie by S
Alleycat by Stew

When the Heat Cools Off
Coda to When the Heat Cools Off by PFL

Stake Out
Post-Stakeout by DVS
Morning After by Icebear
Loosening Up by O. Yardley
Coda to Stakeout by PFL
Off to the Gents by Tauna

A Faulty Conclusion by AnonymousM (Pros/Fawlty Towers crossover)
Glass Houses by Miriam Heddy
Zebra Crossing by O. Yardley
Coda to Klansmen by PFL

Afters by Dog Rose
Rogue Consequences by Icebear
Wounded by KWS
Coda to Rogue by PFL
Marking Time by S
A Little Reminder by Zoe Rayne

Hunter's Bait by Ann Higgins
Resolution by Bistokids
Butterfingers by HG
Interim 1 by K. Morgan (ProsLib CD)
Coda to Hunter Hunted by PFL

First Night
Coda to First Night by PFL
First Footing by S

The Rack
Something Else to Think About by Darby Brennan
Sweets Trolley by Dog Rose
"Soldier of Fortune" - ProsLib CD - search for title in Index to Numbered Folders file
Welcome to the Jungle by Jennifer Lyon
Coda to The Rack by PFL
Prize Fight by Russ
Driven by S

Man Without a Past
More Than You Know by Dawnwind
There is Still a Future by Doylebaby
Coda to Man Without A Past by PFL

In the Public Interest
Games by Alexandra
Coda to In the Public Interest by PFL
The Natural Order of Things by Rebelcat
Conjugal Intelligence by Rochvelleth
One Good Copper by SAC

Not a Very Civil Civil Servant
Coda to Not A Very Civil Civil Servant by PFL

A Stirring of Dust
**While the Dust Settles by Gill Hale
Coda to A Stirring of Dust by PFL
Gettin' Up Me Hooter by S

Blind Run
Mohammed (gen) by Brenda K
Blind Run by Courtney Gray
Blue by LilyK
Coda to Blind Run by PFL
The High Up Singing and Alive Fruit by Slantedlight
Return to Neverland by Slantedlight

Fall Girl
Falling by Ashlea
The Edge by Derry
Blistered by Grey
After the Fall by Ice Bear
Coda to Fall Girl by PFL
All The Toy Soldiers by Slantedlight
Come End of Day by Slantedlight

Telling Marge by Kate MacLean
Nice Boys by Lizzie
Coda to Backtrack by PFL
Fumble by Rochvelleth

Servant of Two Masters
Coda to Servant of Two Masters by PFL

The Madness of Mickey Hamilton
Coda to The Madness of Mickey Hamilton by PFL
Left Behind by Rochvelleth

Coda to Stopover by PFL

Coda to Runner by PFL

A Hiding to Nothing
Coda to Hiding to Nothing by PFL
In Hiding by S

Dead Reckoning
Getting It by Maiden Wyoming
Coda to Dead Reckoning by PFL
Dead Reasoning by Rochvelleth

Mixed Doubles
Kickbacks by Callisto
Not for England by Darby Brennan
A Beach to Walk On by ET
Between Pages 5 and 6 by ET
Coda to Mixed Doubles by PFL
The Stripper by Rob
Between the Lines by Sebastian

Need to Know
Minder by Grey (B/C)
Coda to Need to Know by PFL

The Purging of CI5
Yellow Streak by O.Yardley
Coda to Purging of CI5 by PFL
Can You Handle It by S

The Four-Mile Minute by Ashlea
A Falling Off by Callisto
Fugitive by Elizabeth Holden
Insomnia by Emmy
Fallout by Ice Bear
Capitulation by Jojo
Dam Burst by O. Yardley
Coda to Fugitive by PFL

The Acorn Syndrome
Coda to The Acorn Syndrome by PFL
Mighty Oaks by S

Slush Fund
Broken Cover by Angelfish
Coda to Slush Fund by PFL

Weekend in the Country
Coda to Weekend in the Country by PFL
False Heroics by O. Yardley

Take Away
Romantic It Aint by O. Yardley
Coda to Take Away by PFL

Stormy Weather by AF (ProsLib CD - search title on index page to find)
A Practical Proposition by Ashlea
Of Foxes and Feelings by Brenda K
Rebound by Courtney Gray
About Heart, By Heart, For Heart by Fanny Adams
No Strings by HG and Anticlimax by HG
Better to Have...Lost by Icebear
I Won't Send Roses by Jane
Coda to Involvement by PFL
Shades of Blue by Rob
Consequences by Tarot and A.N.Other

The Gun
Coda to The Gun by PFL
Small Callibre by S

Wild Justice
Blood Still Cries by Debra Hicks
Out of the Woods by Icebear
Caravans by Mandragora
Coda to Wild Justice by PFL
Wild Revenge by Rochvelleth
Wonderful Tonight by Sebastian
The Ride by Slantedlight

Coda to Blackout by PFL

It's Only a Beautiful Picture
Black Sheep by HG
Coda to It's Only A Beautiful Picture by PFL

Blood Sports
Coda to Bloodsports by PFL
Sporting Blood by S

Coda to Hijack by Betty

You'll Be All Right
In for a Penny by Lily
Coda to You'll Be All Right by PFL

Ghosts by Grey
Shadows by Grey
Between Folly and Love by Josey
Coda to Kickback by PFL

Discovered in a Graveyard
Matters in Hand by BrendaK
With a Dark Lantern by Callisto
In the Noisy Confusion of Life by Dawnwind
Breaking Cover by Ellis Ward
I Hold It True, Whate'er Befall by Erushi
All Hallows Eve by The Hag
With A Slow Fuse by Izzie
Discoveries by Jane
Rainy Days by Jane
You'll Be Alright On the Day by Jane
Coda to Discovered in a Graveyard by PFL
Discovered in the Heart by Rochvelleth
Wounds by S
November by Sebastian
No Unicorns by Sebastian and HG
Just Like Normal by Shay Sheridan

Foxhole on the Roof
Coda to Foxhole on the Roof by PFL
November by Sebastian
No Unicorns by Sebastian and HG
Just Like Normal by Shay Sheridan

Operation Susie
Coda to Operation Susie" by PFL
Wonderful Tonight by Sebastian
Never the Words They Say by Slantedlight

The Ojuka Situation
Making Sure by Elvichar
Opening Gambit by HG (ProsLib CD)
The Ojuka Effect by Krisser
Last Time Around by Lily K
A Date With Louise by O. Yardley
After Ojuka by Sebastian

The Untouchables
The Mushroom System by O. Yardley
Robes and the Men by S
Use the Slave's Entrance by Tauna

Cry Wolf
Unexpected Gifts by Ice Bear
Gay Sir Galahad by O. Yardley
Coda to Cry Wolf by PFL

A Man Called Quinn

Lawson's Last Stand
Coda to Lawson's Last Stand by PFL

No Stone
It's A Dog's Life by Dog Rose
Third Week in April by Ellis Ward
Beggar's Banquet by HG
Semantics by Lozalong
Playing Cowboy by Michelle Christian
No Option by PJ

Spy Probe
Coda to Spy Probe by PFL
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